About Us

Critical Issues Foundation

The Critical Issues Foundation is a non- profit educational foundation established in 1984 by a concerned human being that was born and raised in the Arab Middle East; mainly because of his genuine love for others/every human being, and due to his care – to the extent he can to encourage every human being, and help impact the lives of others in a positive manner.

In the recent past, the CIF has been, will continue to add, people of like mind -from all cultures and languages- in order for it to be able to more effectively communicate with people all over the world; preferably in their own language, we hope. The Board Of Trustees of the CIF will decide on who will be invited to participate in this outreach effort. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may want answers for (as best we can).



The main purpose of the Critical Issues Foundation is to help improve our world through impacting human beings/people – one at a time – by developing a better understanding of who she/he is, and achieving a greater comprehension of a clear picture for human existence on this earth; which will hopefully make each life more meaningful, fruitful, and enjoyable.

With such a foundation of understanding and comprehension, then each can make/will be responsible for her/his own decision concerning what happens when death comes and life ends on this earth. Human life comes from a most intelligent Eternal Creator, thus human life may end on this earth, but then what?



To contribute to building a better world, one that is in harmony with the purpose for which it was created.