Caring and Sharing

The people who are and will be involved in CIF dedicate themselves to be loving and caring people to every person who contacts it. We will share from the heart, in honesty and integrity; and based on our knowledge, understanding, life long experiences, and to the best of our knowledge and abilities. However, since this is done totally without expecting any remuneration or compensation (in material terms), we hope that people will be sensitive to the fact that we do hold our special views on things in general just like any human being would. We shall respect the opinion of everyone, and we expect everyone to do the same towards all others, including our people. We trust that in the case that there may be some disagreement in the views, then we allagree to disagree agreeably and politelyMutual respect of/for the other person is a must.

Our Founder and cherished supporters and volunteers have a large reservoir of decades (probably millennia) of rich and varied knowledge, learning, and living experiences. A few have been raised and lived in various cultures and on a number of continents.