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A Challenge to the American Public

This comes to you from the heart of a first generation immigrant who believes deeply in America, and for what it stands, and believes that Americans will rise to this occasion.

My many American friends made it possible for me to come to this country in 1964, and with that opportunity, my wife and I became U.S. citizens in 1971; and were able to raise a wonderful family. We never relied on the government, and we have been positive contributors to this great country –the best in the whole world.

Now, I’m in a position to bring this challenge to each of you; believing that you will respond in a manner that will show the world that Americans make America what it is, without having to wait on the government.

I have been privileged to work with another naturalized U.S. citizen, one who served this country in the U.S. Marines in Vietnam; and has made many significant contributions to this country. Now, he has developed a new engine and fuel technology (Patent filing in process) that will help accomplish the following major contributions in less than two decades:

A) Eliminate our country’s dependence on fossil fuels, and save such for other applications for the entire world.
B) Restore our environment and clean the air humanity breathes.
C) Strengthen our national, and the world, economy.

We are working with other non-profit entities in order to secure the needed resources, so that we can build the various applications within the next 12-24 months; and then begin to license all engine manufacturers and U.S. fuel producers hoping to make the maximum positive impact within the shortest time possible around our planet.

Our foundation has never tried to raise any funds from any outsiders before, and I’m sure that Americans want to take a part in this. Let us show the world what Americans stand for, and what we believe in: A better, more peaceful world for all. ~Vic Bitar