Life Meaning

Goal: Enhanced Life Meaning
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein


The main focus of this site is to:

Connect with people who may be searching for (interested in) a better understanding of life and its meaning in order to assist each in finding a better (an enhanced) meaning for his/her life, and
The Goal is to help everyone who visits this site to know that life does havemeaning and purpose. We truly hope that through – even your short visit- you will be able to begin to appreciate this fact, and to begin to add meaningto your life.

Main Purpose – Touch people’s lives in a positive manner that will add or enhance the meaning of life both for here and the hereafter; especially as they become more aware of the choices they make every day.

This website is to help people begin to understand more about themselves and life and its real meaning, and the CIF site for more maturing people who are interested in continuing to grow and mature. Click here to go to our other site.

B.C. Forbes once said, “Life is simply a matter of concentration: you are what you set out to be. You are a composite of things you say, the books you read, the thoughts you think, the company you keep, and things you desire to become.”

Our thoughts can be influenced by our fleshly nature and desires, external influences, and the Holy Spirit.  As Christians, we can determine the path our thoughts take by the things we choose to think about. The more we think about the Lord and His Word, the more godly our thoughts will be. However, the more we think about the world’s customs, values and behaviors, the more ungodly our thoughts will be.

Think about it:
How we think determines how we behave. Got it? The choice is yours.

Foundational Realities for Meaningful Living

The Realities of life on planet Earth:

Reality Requires Involves Needed
Life is a struggle / Fight / Race Choices & Commitment Caring & Focus Steadiness

Understanding, choices, decisions, and risks

Reality Requires Involves Needed
Want a good fight Godly choices / Decisions Pay attention Be careful of distractions
Must finish / win Godly living Determination Drifting???
Keep the faith Godly truth With integrity Deception?