Our Commitment

We consider each person to be precious and unique, and we commit ourselves to love you as you are, just as we believe that God –THE CREATOR and SUSTAINER of all creation – loves every creature, especially humans. We promise to be honest and forthright in what we share, and loving and kind in the manner we share it with all.

We will be grateful for every contact we have from each of you; and we will attempt to respond in as clear and timely a manner as we can possibly do.

CIF shall continue to expand and improve this web site, with your help and support as you may see fit. Every person will choose for themselves to participate in giving whatever support that she/he may choose and the time of such. We will also be very grateful to any feedback and positive criticism about this effort. It will be quite encouraging and helpful to know whether we are succeeding in our mission, and how best to modify the approach or contents to better accomplish the mission; of course in light of our commitment, mission, and purpose.